Monday, March 5, 2018

Pandora has another answer for the Sphinx (a repost feat. art by emilieleger)

the fifth power of the Sphinx
(or, a creature, with feathers: that chooses to remain)

...see a life left a chance yet a present perfect as surrender to new
always already the only foundation upon which will the Great
be as good & as easy as is energie infinite & as Beauty is True
birthright Divine of innocence Human: even in sorrow, to know we can see...

this repost dedicated to Zataaz

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Aftermath Of Perfidy (Or, One May Smile) | a goodriddance by a Faust

One May Smile & Smile, 
(Or, Let This Villainous Remind)

Like to a dream half remembered, so different the context upon waking
That there is nothing common left upon which meaningful to stake
So am I tempted -- but resist -- to ascribe the past to faking
As you, my former friend could not so well such goodness fake.

Even as a smile flashed in passing is meant but only to keep the peace
So my heart in me bears nothing for my fellow man anon
& though perhaps it would repent me more were such civility to cease
Nonetheless I find myself inclined of late the more to spurn than fawn.

With perfidy such as yours, my former heart, time will its own excruciating take
Howsoe'er long it takes would feel too soon, right now, a when –
Surely you would know if I were poisoned there had to have been some mistake 
But no, with purpose I'm envenomed.  Well then –  to its work again.

A half a half a century, you've made certain, of so called best of friends
Amounts to exactly nothing, when – this – is how you force an end.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

DIY microfont 'FUCK YOU' (approx 0.001780626px) | DOWNLOAD

MOVED here :

Just trying to keep the art recognizable as art (mostly) here (Let's Do And Say We Did), and the hacking and tinkering and recipes and such (mostly) there (Faust's study) – with of course the politics (mostly) at over there (ah, mephistophelis.).

Thank you and – please feel free to stay here as long as you would like.

Be seeing you.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Unproven Fish Pudding, Or, Get Off Yo' Ass & Teach

unproven fish pudding

Or, Wherein The Modern Angler Is Convinced To Drop Everything Else And Teach A.S.A.P.
a poem by a faust

critical thought
its in short supply
will people used to the spoon
still be able to try
feeding themselves by themselves
or instead starve and die
or instead starve and die