Friday, September 15, 2017

dressed oblique | a poem by a faust

dedicated to Chica, Eno, and Schmidt

like accidental correlation meant to misdirect the gaze
ice cream profit plotted against summer homicide
some relationships connect you not so much to things as away
i test these by resisting, to see if & where they hide.

take attachment to desire, or, as wisdom has, it leave
for ever the advice will with cold indifference side
but should some sudden shock befall that would you of your love bereave
then may you wish your heart had been more truly occupied.

so disconnect from your desire not yourself but your regrets
try to see things as they are -- aim for not more or less
& when it comes to what you Will, take no prisoners, place no bets
they talk not overmuch that have no pressing need confess.

so close Desire this connection brings us, itself less blind, more ruse
that the lucky sometime suffer & the poets ever choose.