Saturday, September 21, 2013

Like A Cat (Crossing A Room)

(song lyrics, or so i imagine, having not yet written the tune.)

Like A Cat (Crossing A Room)
dedicated to Emilia, of whose glamour it must be said one could glimpse an elusive gothic perfection at times.  should one desire such things. 

If the rumours I started are true
And you have a master plan
I'd call this success were I you
You take your victories  -- where you can

You make me forget
You make me forget
You make me forget like a cat
You make me forget
You make me forget
You make me forget just like that

Forever seductively new
If I practice, I'd never withstand
Though of course this cannot really be you
I  take inspiration -- where I can

The Sudden Change Of Indoor Climate: Perhaps Not An Objective Phenomenon

"The Sudden Change Of Indoor Climate: Perhaps Not An Objective Phenomenon"

A Graphicall Representation 
of The Immediate, Unmistakeable, Most Physical Response
(No Doubt An Effect Intentional)
Of A Certayne Rather Choice Turn of Phrase 
Encountered In Recent Correspondence
With A Gentleman Of Some Notoriety
With The Pleasure Of Whose Aquaintance 
(Happily Saving The Virtuall)
I Sadly Remain Yet Unfamiliar.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Such Is The Hope, Your Effect | a poem by a faust


such is the hope, your effect

as powerful exact as if coded and not spoken
those projects that your project's projects try to get to when they can
were all the web redacted it wouldn't be forever broken
unconcerned with seeming as befits the wit to plan

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Spirit Immortal: A Faust's Poem To Anonymous | Revised Again Ever So Slightly

the spirit immortal
(or, in starry eyed admiration dedicated to Anonymous)

All the best of us, hackers, wings far from untested,
attain our prize but per accindens –though but few have yet guessed it –
the rest intending, (to practice) or
dependent, (per...

 ...on the defaults reconfigured --
(their own, or their app's).*

:philosophies hammerless : dreams lacking anvils 
(in theory) 
:for the souls of immortals:    
their errors turn fatal, prove vapor, where shown 
but void due to muteness, 
that threatened to 0wn.

                   ....they stay – with us – 
                   ....they're staid – to us – 
                   ....they'd state "us," & quo 
Ut alteri vadis, warranto; alteri quorum, quid pro.

This is causa enough 
(should reason persever) 
to recognize, laugh at, and ---

                   (but be sure to remember
                   to anticipate everything 
                   while expecting it never)

---exlploit cheerfully,  
                                                             their evil endeavor.

Success (of course) is your proof,
by your choice,
at whatever:

to know, and to will, and to dare demand never
be told of the odds
that one changes
if clever.

through many revisions was yet draft: 2007 - 2010; now and forevermore dedicated to Anonymous
*with this line a revision dedicated to Douglas Rushkoff