Monday, July 9, 2012

formal apology, no defense | a poem by a faust

may these verses of mine be endearing as kittens with twine
(a formal apology, no defense)

to the grace and the wit and the perspicacity missed
to the eyes and the spirit and heart divine kiss'd

i don't want to let,
wish i never had

if given the chance
hope not to ever again allow

--- any
---- more
---- time

un-get-back-able, un-accept-able, un-under-rug-sweepable

(because inexcusable, indefensible, regrettably preventable)
(because it is and regrettably was impolite amateur & imprudent)


not measured in days (could have been -- but oh, no, "so much harder" )
no longer counted in weeks (should have been -- from this now how much easier)

however i measure when fewer in number the error is sexier

time now numbered best not in months,
but rather in years

no -- now years is it?

it would have been better (this one thing i know)
to have been (any future from now)

rather considered (and as a live this i vow)

of my former character the eager rescuer
than of my now vulgar honor

o horror
the murderer

may my world again be by you
without hurt
to mutual benefit be thought happily part