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If we all dedicated just one of those special, private moments that almost all of us regularly experience...

From a magickal perspective, the result would be breathtaking. Miraculous. And -- not a moment too soon.

If you are a sceptic -- what could it hurt? You're going to do it anyway, and you probably weren't going to dedicate it at all.

If not – why not? The part where you create a physical symbolic link – you can leave that part out, if its too difficult or weird for you. And you don't have to tell anyone that you actually did it.

You could forward this email purely as a curiosity.

I read about this idea most recently on Twitter. It is an excellent way to focus our healing or miracle energies, initialize them if you will, and heal the Gulf of Mexico. Its an idea which I know from personal experience would probably work. So much so that I had to write this letter. The situation is too serious. We have to try everything. And this is something surely most of us can do.

I hope this isn't too weird an idea for the more straight-laced among you. It's based on methodologies that are tried and true. Research them for yourself. You can use the search terms "sex magick" and "talisman" and "sigil" and "visualization" to get you started.

Or take my word for it (although maybe you don't know me, and I just got your address in the course of years of lists and ads &c). Since i bet it would work, since the theory works with other things too, and since this situation is as bad as it is, I am telling everyone (and i mean everyone) – anyone – any way I can. Please, please, pass the idea on. Tell people,forward the email, repost the tweet, repost the video, photocopy the flyer, whatever. Please.

If this idea offends your sensibilities, hey, my apologies. Thank you for your time. Please do whatever it is you do in your world to most effectively help the situation. Please. In my opinion, as long as you have enough to eat and you are not otherwise in immediate physical danger, there really isn't anything you have on your agenda more important than halting and reversing this catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. So, please, however you pray, pray. And have a nice day.

If you don't already know how magick works -- that is, if you don't "believe" in magick – here's you're chance to have a little fun. Treat this like a game, or better yet, like the scientific experiment that it is. If you were going to do everything by the book, I would say, keep a record, a journal entry before you begin: briefly note the time, date, where you are, what you had to eat, what you are wearing -- who is with you -- etc. Of course you may have to put this in some sort of code, if you have reason to think what you are about to do offends anybody.

Keep a record, and keep it bounded it time -- or it could devolve into superstition. Superstition is doing a symbolic gesture without understanding it. Don't do that. That's like allowing the ads on tv to control your actions. That's bad. It the very least, that is ineffective and inexact.

But I digress. The more detailed version of the idea goes like this:

Do the following, at least once. Do it more than once if you can. Do it once a day if you want. If you want a specific time, how about 9:56 in the evening (that's when Wikipedia says the Deepwater Horizon Wellhead explosion occurred).

Clear your mind.

Be facing the gulf if possible, sitting or lying down or whatever.

Visualize how you feel (how you will have felt) with the objective accomplished. You don't have to know how it got that way -- only that it did. Not how you might feel, not how it could be or even how it will be – feel how it IS -- to know that your objective has already happened...

One more thing -- it helps to make a symbolic representation. Not a description, like these words, or the sound of these words, but something more direct, more unmediated. Your own personal doodle of some kind. The post on Twitter said get a globe or other modern map of Earth. I suppose a two dimensional representation would do as well. Keep it on display in your home or at work – where everyone can see the part that corresponds to the Gulf, the part that you know been written on, as it were, with your very own extra-special super-duper extra-heavy-duty Secret Formula Magick Wish Sauce...

Don't worry if your mind wanders while you are generating this. Once you have even if only for a moment felt how it feels with your objective already accomplished, it is OK to let your mind wander to more frivolous things, even sexually arousing things. The symbolic representation is keeping your place for you. Have fun. Make it a good one. Before you know it you will have all you need. The link is a toggle, either you make it or you don't, so don't worry about the amount. The barest minimum is as much a link as buckets.

Apply some to your representation. If you are using a globe, anoint the Gulf of Mexico. I know for some of you that's the weird part -- like I said, it is optional, though very strongly advised. It's also the part that made me think this could work. You can research the subject on your own: I think you will agree.

Make sure to keep it in a prominent place when its not – in use....

That's it. That's all! Nothing to it, huh? Wait and see....


If we all come together, we can work miracles.


right now


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