Monday, September 2, 2013

The Spirit Immortal: A Faust's Poem To Anonymous | Revised Again Ever So Slightly

the spirit immortal
(or, in starry eyed admiration dedicated to Anonymous)

All the best of us, hackers, wings far from untested,
attain our prize but per accindens –though but few have yet guessed it –
the rest intending, (to practice) or
dependent, (per...

 ...on the defaults reconfigured --
(their own, or their app's).*

:philosophies hammerless : dreams lacking anvils 
(in theory) 
:for the souls of immortals:    
their errors turn fatal, prove vapor, where shown 
but void due to muteness, 
that threatened to 0wn.

                   ....they stay – with us – 
                   ....they're staid – to us – 
                   ....they'd state "us," & quo 
Ut alteri vadis, warranto; alteri quorum, quid pro.

This is causa enough 
(should reason persever) 
to recognize, laugh at, and ---

                   (but be sure to remember
                   to anticipate everything 
                   while expecting it never)

---exlploit cheerfully,  
                                                             their evil endeavor.

Success (of course) is your proof,
by your choice,
at whatever:

to know, and to will, and to dare demand never
be told of the odds
that one changes
if clever.

through many revisions was yet draft: 2007 - 2010; now and forevermore dedicated to Anonymous
*with this line a revision dedicated to Douglas Rushkoff