Saturday, January 11, 2014

a poem by a faust to her lover

To my Lover,  
who by example liveth more than he doth know
by a female faust

Such wonders would be worked my love for you by me alone
were I to live as  successful, sure, & confident, as my dreams possible have shewn
that, sometime sad,  more often lazy,  perhaps I have become... inclined...
to depend too much upon such shadows for what fix quick haste may find.

But of course one could have prophesied as much  --  that is,  if one had but your Skill,
to make,  in thickest chaos,  Observations objective by shear Will;
by Iudgement near unbiasĂ©d.  A god, thou art become: Life -- thy World -- create;
Not by loose words accomplished: thyAction fast secures thy Fate.

a female faust