Tuesday, November 1, 2016

medical imaging technique detects and records human emotion, or, Fuck Friendship

Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Act I Scene V ll 106-109.

subject A (unaware of test):
Female, three months from her fiftieth birthday

subject B (aware of test):
Female, one month from her fifty-first birthday

Image taken at the exact moment a friendship of over twenty years is thrown away.

This device, still undergoing testing, produces extremely precise images of emotional biological states.
B purposely betrays, insults, and ridicules A, repeatedly, and irrevocably, in an effort not to honor a previous agreement to split sum of money that A and her partner, C, helped B to recover after B had been injured by persons not mentioned. The agreement having been made years earlier, B waits until, the work being done, the money assured, minutes before the award is announced, and then turns without warning into a vicious cunt. The imaging device that produced this picture was put into place that morning under pretext, producing the following results.

Two images were taken, of each of the subjects, but only one, that of A, was recoverable. It is shown below. It was discovered, when examining the results, that in the case of the second image the biological substrate was too degraded to provide any useful data.

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