Monday, March 12, 2012

"The Ability to Respond" | For the Benefit of Mr. K

once upon a time, 
 a beautiful child: 
   keys to mountains

all of us (or is it just me)
respond more often and more readily
either unseen, but known and known well, or
visible -- and more familiar still --
at best barely a glance is
more that enough to merit askance
it is this against which the best of us strive
reasoning thus for our virtue to thrive
purposes righteous make all outcomes serve      
aspire perhaps just to be sure we deserve 
Love of Truth, though effect, by analogy draws us
: :
Love of Truth is after all, also -- what causes.
a chance misunderstanding can (such a swift easy doubt)
poison this well as from within as without
respect of perspective, or the faith of reflections
intelligence humbles the heart's best intentions
may we then find in virtue such pleasure
as will, enough to discover, find leisure
vanity seem no temptation at all
each must of course heed his own call
response as able as if in what was heard
as much the call as their calling inferred