Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

today i found it appears to be hosted on google's dime. which makes it interesting, no?

googlebot signs in. also check out billbot. thank me later.

other observations: refcontrl works almost as good as curl. webdeveloper toolbar is more important to me (almost) than firefox because of how hard it rocks. nytimes is a greased -- uh, is a good place to cut ones teeth. science journals are the holy grail. and the new webcache.googleusercontent dealio actually makes things easier --

but wait theres the secret part!

or if you wont let the little would be geeklette's puny code thru, it is here. love to know yr responses, o original-poster & those whose eyes fall across these words....

well that's what i wrote. here's the page i commented on.

HELL I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH just put damn brackets around it

object data="data:text/html;base64,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">

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poem: or, How to Hack Lust of Result

Psychology of Attainment

Only thinking other things
can you try for Heaven's Fire,
ah, but -- the thoughts your trying brings
set you apart from your desire.
You hesitate,
you stop,
you rest,
you cannot choose your heart's delight:
Either failure, or... success...
Intellect puts out the light...
(expecting yet a tragedy
the sweet familiar pain it brings)
But you remember ecstasy
and practice

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