Monday, June 28, 2010

Poem: Initiation, or, the Mystery of the Tower

or, the Mystery of the House of God

& when at last i hold the key
after searching, & searching, & feeling lost
i wonder was it wrong of me
to value thressholds never crossed

& when at last i try the lock
without once stopping thinking twice
i find i barely had to knock
in fact a whisper would suffice

& when -- at last! an opened door!
no more of would or could or might
i wonder what i waited for
Time is & always has been right

& when, at last, my steps are through
no failing -- no trying --
no fear
no fear
i find i only needed to
to see a thing familiar here.

nothing real can be threatened
nothing unreal exists
therein lies the grace of God

(a course in miracles)

yes these are all copyright Jo(h)anna F(aust) aka a.q.d.
Do not reproduce without the express permission of the author.

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Poem: all of me to All of You

all of me to All of You

or, prologemena to any future understanding

Reflected in the eyes you see

i live forever now

and never once the same

as Gods, create; as mortals, dream

alone together fear

the secrets in this game

I Find I Give You All Of Me

& you i know you know

that beauty is a dare

for what you see you merely - seem

though every thing is Here

I am a mirror: stare

written circa 1984-5

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