Monday, January 17, 2011

alliteration attempted | to MrHinkyDink

ode to the dinkster by a possible ocd spambot
missed me by miles --mostly -- mr - made mention?
rather recently relished  real rash retirement risk restores right re: ruined
Halfbaked heretical histories have hardly had *half* his hypothetical hominems heartily hurled
improbable imperious ill informed ideations intellectually insulting, idiotic, ignored :
now noticeable,  neither neutral; neither naturally nonchalant  -- nevertheless nice 'n' nationwide.
Kismet?  kinetically krafty kitten knowing karma, knights kabbalistical kooks. 
Yes! you --

ah i give up.  if you could call me an ocd spambot just because i like you can see your greatness, no amount of intellectual prowess will convince.  certainly I am no bot  - a bot  would  finish the alliterative acrostic artistic endeavour.  correction -- they may not be that good yet.