Friday, April 6, 2012

to the yet unmet (fragment)

to the yet unmet, sometime fa├žade (a fragment)

dreams i've had & hopes, fantasies, & fears
sight unseen but focused, tapestries, careers
computers hum in darkness to an orderly array
then & now refer & shall a symbol could & may
throughout your work your spirit full, 
& laughing at the play 
fearless still by dint of will
it knows as gravity, intent
to what you'll say there's such as may 
instead hear what they meant
as if as they read they heard instead
your voice in ink & dust
passed sensation presenting 
for, alone, true representing 
has you here, to think, to lust 

-- watch what you speak 
to catch what you meant --  

the faster to see yourself such as i dreamt