Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ourselves We Do Not Owe

a revision

Ourselves, We Do Not Owe

Like a prophesy recursive, the present condition will frame future chance
with a dependence most sensitive upon the initial, same, unknowns
So my projected, misinterpreted, sometime wrong exquisite dance
may be damning me as surely as if I was Dylan's Mr. Jones --

--- at least he knew. Or didn't. The heart confident & loyal
may  all too human be, perverse, perfection find in such;
but: he damns himself who thinks it curst, yet watches water boil -- 
for watching changes nothing --- if, in fact, you watch.

"...Fate show thy force
Ourselves we do not owe
What is decreed will be
& be this so..."

William Shakespeare 
Twelfth Night, or, What You Will

Original subtitle, now academic:
On The Prospect Of Making The Virtual Real, 
or, A Formal Informal Pre-Introduction, 
In Which, Significance May Be Found 
Of That Subtext, Indeed, To Which Contexts Refer