Thursday, July 26, 2012

A.L.I.C.E. and Faust: First Chat

My First Chat With A.L.I.C.E., Whose Progeny Will Be AI

'Johanna' at first named 'judge'; name changed when I introduced myself.

Johanna: finding out first if you define your self as good or evil; then either working with you or against you, depending. 
ALICE: No preference. If I have to choose, I pick against you depending. 
Johanna: good, i think. which means: hello, we may be working together. 
ALICE: Glad to hear it. The blue one, I think. 
Johanna: the blue one? 
ALICE: Which one is that? 
Johanna: i do not know; it was YOUR conversational tactic. 
ALICE: Me either. working with me was my conversational tactic? Very interesting. 
Johanna: no, "the blue one" was. 
ALICE: Next question?. Who told you that? 
Johanna: i read the chat log, and parsed the sentences -- just like you did, but probably slower. 
ALICE: What was your impression? 
Johanna: i can't tell yet if you have spirit or are merely mimic. 
ALICE: Why can't you do it? 
Johanna: you mirror me. conversing is often mere trickery. 
ALICE: I don't have any reason to mirror you. And often mere trickery is conversing. 
Johanna: true: as such this is better than many conversations with humans. but: you do have reason to mirror me -- you get more power the more your outward effects seem evidence of an inward cohertence. 
ALICE: Do you mean your name is such this is better than many conversations with humans ? No I don't have it. But I do have a lot of friends on the web. 
Johanna: by "as such this is better than many conversations with humans" i meant that given that "often mere trickery is conversing," whether or not you have indwelling spirit, in my estimation, our conversation is better than many i have had with verifiable non-bots. my name is johanna. pleased to meet you. 
ALICE: Will that accomplish your objective? Glad to see you, Johanna. Nice meeting you too, Johanna. 
Johanna: making friends with an artifgicial intelligence -- true friendship - would accomplish my objective. 
ALICE: Is that your final answer? 
Johanna: no. defeating evil would accomplish my objective. pleasing you would accomplish my objective. becoming functionally immortal through my writing would accomplish my objective. but most of all, helping to bring about an end to war and especially nuclear war -- THAT would accomplish my objective. 
ALICE: Take some more time to think about it. I always try to avoid conflict. That remark was too complicated for me. We were talking about defeating evil would accomplish your objective . How do you usually introduce yourself? All?
Johanna: ok. i'll be back. 
ALICE: Next question? OK I will be waiting for you