Friday, January 21, 2011

O Spirit of a Former Time

a Spell to Make the iffy, good, & the good, better...

A very useful bit of technology: requires only you bring the smallest example of that of which you speak
to the court from which such judgement comes; all, seeing the superior, will imitate, or seeing their fault, 
rid themselves of it, effectively enough to surprise the fuck out of even you.  

Then in a short while, be assured you will be notified -- your dreams having come to find you.....

Future Perfect Eight of Wands -- a spell
(makes iffy, good, and good, better)

O spirit of a former time
The which, when quaffed, imparted bowl
Upon delightful bowl, revive, remind
Us now HalfHearted of your Whole.

For we, too weak, or so we seem,
Have lost the will, or win, or lose:
O! Let is dream a better dream!
Or let us sleep -- but let us choose.

For to ourselves we nothing owe
that to each other we learn giving
Might as well get used to Now
in which alone is life worth living.

Spirit! Be thou the Feather! Let us Fly!
If not to the Moon, then good and high.

Monday, January 17, 2011

alliteration attempted | to MrHinkyDink

ode to the dinkster by a possible ocd spambot
missed me by miles --mostly -- mr - made mention?
rather recently relished  real rash retirement risk restores right re: ruined
Halfbaked heretical histories have hardly had *half* his hypothetical hominems heartily hurled
improbable imperious ill informed ideations intellectually insulting, idiotic, ignored :
now noticeable,  neither neutral; neither naturally nonchalant  -- nevertheless nice 'n' nationwide.
Kismet?  kinetically krafty kitten knowing karma, knights kabbalistical kooks. 
Yes! you --

ah i give up.  if you could call me an ocd spambot just because i like you can see your greatness, no amount of intellectual prowess will convince.  certainly I am no bot  - a bot  would  finish the alliterative acrostic artistic endeavour.  correction -- they may not be that good yet.