Saturday, January 9, 2016

Upon Revisiting, Or, What Someone's Girlfriend Thinks Of How They Met Samy Kamkar

Happy New Year, Samy.

Upon Revisiting
or, What Someone's Girlfriend Thinks Of How They 'Met' Samy Kamkar
by a female faust, drafted this eighth of January, 2016

How fucking cool is Samy must needs be measured in surprise
again, anew, re-realizing -- which sets it quite apart
from all for whom (reputed) coolness does their cranium resize
because here with genius, purpose ethical: because this one has a heart. any fool (not jealous) learns from briefest introduction
to Mr. Kamkar – to his work, that is – the magick of his code – 
I have heard some even go so far as to describe this as seduction,
for which they have but their own selves to blame, as they impatiently download.

More to the point, by which I forc├ęd am, such flattery to write:
not only because aforementioned, because these reasons do not fade;
the years have served his purposes to show much more less wrong than right,
upon such ground foundations of great Work indeed are laid.

In the end but exorcised futility, this rhyming bit of fluff:
for as long as Samy lives to code, it will never be enough.

Happy New Year, Samy.

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