Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To The Producer of the IAOCORE Apocalypse Show

To The Producer, Winter Solstice 2012

Joy to our world that the Show went on.  Thanks to the Producer
overseeing the Big Picture, listening to the Little Birds,
and thinking through the multiplicity of things most thoroughly:
neither turning from that wisdom youth mistakenly calls skill
nor ever turning toward the folly that by fearing bodes ill:

either way sustaining our creativity, our Will.

All of us fly into the light when we can; trusting tomorrow will justify
yesterday, trusting the sorrow and pain and the awful confusion will be by
righteousness vanquished, will be by
excellence transformed. Like the fruit a tree produces after laying dormant long
so my creative soul; so this perhaps clumsy song. 

Merry Christmas to the Producer, to her and her kin
every dream project she sponsored, without and within,
realized as perfectly as this new World we
ring in, with blessings, under her care: this brave new 
year that approaches with Opportunity rare.

Create the New World as you would
have it, as true as you know to, as honest and
right; make sure that Love has a central place
in it, see with the strength of Love's
sight.  (So she seemed to be saying, calling out my cold feet before I left for the show.)
The rest may approve, may disapprove 

may trick us, loose, or fast, but
as long as the engine is Love
survival -- success -- comes at last.