Saturday, October 31, 2015

People, Or, Why I Don't get Out Much (The Talk To The Hand Version)

"People, Or, Why I Don't get Out Much"
©1980 by a female faust.
Reproductions unauthorized without permission.
Credit where credit most assuredly due:  
"Talk to the Hand" image by aliee-s on Deviant Art. 

Be seeing you.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

To Jeremiah Young, who died before we met, I think

to jeremiah, who died just before we met, i think
(a poem by a faust)

a friend of a friend 
upon whom did depend
all manner of things now set free
a few days ago through 
some people i know
wrote some words that managed to reach me
after he died, 
after he died --

between that moment and this one he died --

everything strange no doubt rearranged
but how could it be, to me
how is it this way for me?
that each separate word nevermore to be heard
as should be, said by him, properly
now only in silence 
in the mind of a stranger
as soon enough mine will, 
for me.

Death sucks.
Be seeing you.

mikey likes the illuminati

i am so tired of the stupid illuminati-as-bad-guys disinfo bullshit.
it was tired when it was born, four hundred years ago.

its tired now.

only difference is that then, the fit though few cogniscenti
all thought it was too silly a flipmode to ever be believed.
Giordano Bruno warned us about the media.....

little chains of love that they bind around your minds.

so, ineffectually perhaps, i played with some equations
as i meditated on these things.

h/t to @ArtofeVan.


Be seeing you.