Sunday, March 26, 2017

Our Access To Science, Newly Freed: In Gratitude To Alexandra Elbakyan

Song of
or, a forward looking dirge occaisioned by the hopeful certain death of certain greedy mega corporations 

Knowledge comes from Power.  So they seek the other, hoard the one:
non solus for Truths new and old, for our own works submitted,
sed etiam for copyedit 'priveleges' (heretofore undone) 
Do such thugs as Reed Elsevier demand fat fees remitted.

Thus in battle charging every, all, they fain disguise and outright hide
what from each extracted, sums painful if retold
demanding from these what to those they promised to provide
They serve us best as proof That battle rages, yet, of old

Its all about power, yes -- defined by covert ways of knowing
to what extent, why, and how who does what, where and when
by use of tech most cutting edge their influence was growing --
until one woman noticed that what they do -- we can --

Lo! Public, swift and sure, was made our new disdain and noncompliance!
Let the People rejoice! Remov├ęd are such barriers to Science!

in gratitude from a female Faust