Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Mr. Kamkar, (or, Samy knows, perhaps)

go to if you dare

Dear Mr. Kamkar, (or, Samy knows, perhaps)

you, sir,

and i especially liked the play-by-play initially promised by the lower right corner of wish it had gone a bit further. and then i thought to myself that considering Where I Was it blew my mind that i did not run as soon as i read those messages. more than not run, i was fascinated, a little girl meeting Count Dracula. wished it had more after 'interrogating' - then i thought, considering myself passably savvy, that perhaps it did indeed, silently....

you, sir, are --

as will doubtless be evident from this very page upon which your hopefully suitably entertained gaze
in a word --

and, conjuring sweet lush ineffable whatness, my experience of you to define
in risk a sudden delicious truth the fondness for which i am always by choice inclined


sir. quite.  

do enjoy yourself; 

let me say that it is not often 
that genius 

-- here the heads of states of mainstream mind shake sadly, 
opine disapprovingly,
their prefabricated opinion becoming as disintermediated 
as it always has been irrelevant --

not often that genius as --
as over the years it has been gathered
by the understandably cautious yet
inexplicably enthusiastic attention of 
certain highly intelligent, self -taught & -delighted, 
-consciously -actualizing & defiantly -protected, -served, &, evidently, -reliant
who if they are like me cannot resist being drawn in, inspired
by your frighteningly useful, potentially game changing
honeycombs of code 

it is not often
as functionally perspicacious as is 
retains an accuracy of residual self-image 

sufficient to counterweight 

the at times seemingly unstoppable advance of Evil: 

not only to give its Authority a most excellent Question 
(of course, delivered in a most delightfully public fashion), 
but also, 
(and more entertainingly, if rarer still), 
to give its Pause 
(may it come soon and last long) 
such excellent Reason