Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sonnet To Paul Schou On The Occasion Of His Wedding by a female faust

Sonnet to Paul Schou, 
Who Has Translated So Many Of My Binaries, 
Celebrating the Happy Occasion of His Wedding

Like how two divers phrases may, invoked together as one 'string,'
See two Fortunes wax as great as now two one new meaning find :
Long having nurtured separate natures, what uniqueness each may bring
May be, with care, protected, with no importance left behind.

If any find this celebratory verse too - unremarkable,
let hasty Judgement yet be silenced, that Love Proper be respected;
For every Great Work become successful, for every Voyage made embarkable,
there are Ten Thousand things quotidian that must needs not be neglected.

Thus my advice to both of you is, above all, be careful to be Honest
That is, to pay attention to the other's words, not one's own second guess,
Love as bravely, and as fiercely, as you both well know you each Love best
Seek to place no blame upon the another.... Love will see to all the rest.

So this end-user, blessed these many years with her own Mr. Right, 
has perhaps successfully - Xlated - the solid goodness of your site.

written with love this 18 June 2014 by a female faust