Saturday, July 28, 2012

To Brian, On The Occasion Of His Birthday

"for which celebration I am most sad to have missed...

To Brian, On The Occasion Of His Birthday
because long ago he knew a crate checked my coats better than hangers

Butterflies equally delicate
Ritual not more exact
It's easy to find goths more intricate
Although none can be found with more tact -- 
No, nor more heart, loyalty, grit --

Virtuous enough to not crave (O rare!) the attentions
Of others -- much more likely to offer, than borrow, their ears --
Not the least for which he volunteers.

Reading over these words I admit I know little
Except that which over the years I've observed;
But nonetheless -- or because of this -- feel entitled
Especially since praise seems by him richly deserved
Rather more than my typical haste has the wit.