Sunday, June 20, 2010

Magickal people: Get ye your Asses Into Gear!

This is the letter I sent out to my Brethren.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A Call to Sacrificial Duty

There is no Work Greater than That of Halting & Reversing

the Events Currently Unfolding Undersea

at the Deepwater Horizon Macondo Wellhead

I, Soror Raphael, being a Member of Our Illustrious Order by some reckonings, and a Member in Good Standing by none, do nonetheless, by virtue of the indissoluble bond to which my very being proves daily, do hereby call for an Universal Working and Sacramental Offering by all of the members of our Order, in good standing or otherwise, as well as by all Associates, Minervals, and other ancillary Stars in the company of these Stars; as well as all members of the Ecclessia Gnostica Catholica; of the Shadowy A.'.A.'.; those who conduct the Elusinian Mysteries, those who explore the Boundaries of the Spirit, Enochian, Goetic, Theurgic, or Synthetic; as well as all the friends and acquaintances necessarily attracted thereunto, and any others whatsoever, if they be but sufficiently skilled and capable.

Let them obtain a representation of the Terrestrial Orb, entire, and well marked after the modern fashion; let them have such with them at their place of working; and if they need specificity of time and place, let them face the Site of the Event, which even now gusheth: 28° 39 N and 88° 23 W or approximately 50 miles S.E. of the Mississippi Delta at the Edge of the Continental Shelf. Should any body desire a greater specificity, let the Culmination coincide with the Hour and Minute said to have marked, in the Evening of the 20th Day of April, 2010 e.v., the Beginning of the Present Tribulation: 9:56.

Let us work together; let us work alone; let us work in groups: sed semper ut rectificando Orbis Terrarum ubique vide in loco supra . May their Enthusiasm be Energized, may their Purpose be, if but for One Magickal Instant, even as tangible, as if it had indeed already come to pass.

Let this globe remain in plain and open view for as many of the People of this Earth to view as is practicable.

May we all achieve That Conversation which is Undefiled Knowledge and Perfected Bliss.

Soror Raphael, I°

Love is the law, love under will.

In its original form:

Oh and here's a link to a DIY globe.. you could make it from parchment if you felt like it -- but in my opinion, it should be more... absorbent...

Then -- there is the twitter feed I started -- I was going to keep it a secret -- but -- well maybe I still will. see if you can find it.
Oh and there is that Black lodge of Santa Cruz thing -- yes this is she -- hello world -- I should one of these days record those lovely days from this female Faust's perspective...

All in all, I quite enjoy this incarnation thing. Quite. Especially when one has a fantastic lover. But not especially when these pathetic excuses for consciousness that somehow reached adulthood lacking mirror neuron number one make a mockery of my beautiful Terra - my home for so long -- ever since I , a pretty monkey with an enticingly bright red butt - first saw the star people up in the heavens and convinced my girlfriends to turn around and stick our butts up in the air... -- merely a myth people. Don't get out your red pencils. Besides, its no fair with the cross-blog-critical-theories. They won't hold up unless you also drink a cup of my coffee.

you can walk a mile in my shoes
but you can't dance a step in my feet

... where was I? make a mockery of my beautiful Terra -- then imply its my fauslt for wanting to stay warm...

Join the Landless Peasant Party. Power to the People because the People want Peace. Power to the People that Anarchy may thrive, as it should, somewhere other than in the hands of these fucking assholes. Fuck them for thinking that winning is everything -- for thinking that constitutes winning.

Be seeing you -- and 93...

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