Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a thank you to a friend, inexplicably, in verse

May I point out the acrostic.  Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Be seeing you.

Noumenal Variable, (or, Irrational, Remainder?)

--- thanking you kindly, inexplicably, in verse 

Times such as mere uniqueness cannot measure
have nonetheless a common bond at last revealed
among them. Familiar. A scent of the unexperienced, a taste
neither describable nor explicable, nor even -- as I
know it must, my friend, appear --  warranted.  Of course,
        I know better, I know proper, I know
        not to  -- but here, immanent, I know that the
        Good that grows thickly, and so attempt in verse.
You are not expected to understand, but may if you wish, that the
outcome of actions you doubted remarkable was, somehow,
understood as a sweet and sudden juxtaposed perfection

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