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Unless Our Spirit Wakes In Us We'll Drown:
On This All Too Near But Most Unnecessary Apocalypse

Unless Our Spirit Wakes In Us We'll Drown <br /> (Or, Thoughts On This All Too Near but Most Unnecessary Apocalypse)

Our Spirit
Wakes In Us
We'll Drown

(Or, On This All Too Near but Most Unnecessary Apocalypse)

by a female faust*

We all of us together living dream alone,1
& when all is (almost) said, & some of it is done
stand, if we are lucky, on the shoulders of those peers
made expert by experiment, if not enough by years.

It's like that story with the garden, you know, the chick, the snake:
They struggle to sedate us;
We struggle to awake.

This 'They' is a neither unified nor organized assault,
is powerful, relentless, one-pointed to a fault.
Despite its seeming gentleness, we find tsunami2 threatening:
So should we recognize the enemies
of dreamer, set, & setting.3..

...even if within our Selves. Especially. Could be that part deciding!4
(What?) (When?)(What if?) the question overpowers, our innocence confiding
as bright of eye & pointy tailed as government recruits
set up to be knocked down
by once trusted men in suits.

Where -- this metaphor... does not 'do justice,' is also where -- the Law...
ius, iura 5may be both, my Friend,
but in the end, l'Etat c'est Moi.6

So... 'let us go then, you & I,'7 indeed, this time to make a vow
as holy & as sacred as any we know how
as serious as if our hearts hung in some balance otherwise8
to do a little more each day to extirpate their lies.

If all of us (imagine!) at once withheld informed consent
TPTB9 would find their hands were forced --
most fully --
to relent --

...& ...not in empty word alone! ...although... so difficult a vision
hinges more upon our accuracy than it does upon precision:
for it must vanquish at long last the forces of stagnation,
of corporate indifference, of fascist machination,10

that in this foreboding pre-apocalypse seems to me sine qua non11
of all the creeping evil that we, together, face
& all of us, right here, right now, must choose to carry on:
Must create anew this broken World
Must save the Human Race.

notes *originally dedicated to Dr. James Fadiman of Sofia University.
    Joseph Conrad, "Heart of Darkness," (cinematized as "Apocalypse Now"), Marlow(!) "expresses this feeling en route to Kurtz," "We live as we dream, alone." Has haunted this faust. Read about it here; also worth grokking the interpretations of Gang of Four, here, and of Mr. Michael Stipe, in his introduction to this song.
See note 4.
    see amazing footage from 3/11, Japan. It is cued for the moment the memory of which directly inspired this line -- but so fascinating, it is worth rewinding to see the whole thing. (... uh, rewinding?!)
    As per Altered States' "...And I'm going to find the fucker", also Leary, and thus the Illuminatus! trilogy; Sufism....
    Means both "justice" and "law" -- see here.
    "The State, it is I." Attributed to Louis XIV of France; read more here.
    first line of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot. Read it here.
    see the Myth of Anubis, your Lawyer in the After-world, here.
    "The Powers That Be" chat
    line originally was "of corporate indifference, of negligence, of prejudice, of pride, of self serving short-sighted negligence, of force, of fraud, of will-full misuse, of hypocrisy, of abuse, of lies, of fascist machination......"
    "without the which, nothing" [Latin]

thank you Darren Wilson for being the vehicle for the Ghost that did not and will never give or be given up upon

Be seeing you.

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