Saturday, October 31, 2015

People, Or, Why I Don't get Out Much (The Talk To The Hand Version)

"People, Or, Why I Don't get Out Much"
©1980 by a female faust.
Reproductions unauthorized without permission.
Credit where credit most assuredly due:  
"Talk to the Hand" image by aliee-s on Deviant Art. 

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  1. Imagine my shock after reading Rob's latest article, posted a couple of days later. I didn't speak for Rob (would not dare put words in his mouth), yet i very much regret even mentioning his blog. It was very stupid of me. I don't doubt that Rob hates me now. Had hoped he would receive a "Merry Christmas" greeting from him, the issue would be fixed, and i would never mention it to anyone else. This was the first time i've directly seen anything like this first-hand. What was garnered from my efforts? It would seem like hate-mail to Bobby, whom is very ill!

    It has been well over 30 days since first reporting this via tip submission. It appears no fix is in the works, and am intimidated to visit that site any further, let alone communicate with that site's owner.

    Wondering how long that site has been leaking people's email addresses, seemingly in violation of that site Privacy Policy. I have no answer - whois info might indicate possibly early 2014, maybe earlier. I don't know.

    Am reminded that everybody is entitled to a bad day. Perhaps he had one. Looking at the industry he deals with, that might explain things, somewhat. "Hi Rob, how are you doing?" How hard would that have been to do??

    Maybe if a few commenters were made aware of this, and verified their own information exposure (and only their own - if that is still legal to do ??), they might comment to him & a fix be implimented.

    I really like the articles there, and his reporting seems excellent. WTF?

    Thank you for the hand, as it is a good listener. It sure beats "the bird".

  2. hmmmmmm ok..... i so far am not able to reproduce your experience, and i have tried a few ways. perhaps you could take a screenshot? and.... thank you for the heads up-- but i feel as though i am missing something here. (also i am bummed that this was not a quote real end quote comment, since i always dream that one day i will actually receive one. still i note with appreciation that you chose a poem that reflects some of the points of contention you have with bullshit and people too quick to leap to conclusions to which they by strange coincidence were previously openly known to be very likely to leap.)

    but i lose the thread quickly after i am not able to reproduce the effect. so since this is off topic here, let us go then, you and i, while the comment section is stretched out across the bottom of the page, like people's sense of outrage etherised upon a table...

    let us go to a page i have prepared, to welcome this discussion. it is here:

    ps where is the first comment that was left on this page? it was that to which the above is in answer -- i don't even pretend to follow the bobby1/simplyinfo thread yet. but i am under the weather, so perhaps tomorrow.

    1. Forgive me please for being OT, and on the wrong page.
      As you have noted, the first post is missing.

      This might clarify things, towards a good outcome, i hope.
      Mayhap it is best that i post the sensitive info where the corresponding webmaster may figure it out & moderate for future posterity?

      It's the pastebin link you might seek.

      This topic does remind me of a Red Green saying:
      "If they don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." (paraphrased)

    2. Where are my manners? Sheesh.

      Am hoping you are feeling better despite the prevailing conditions.
      If you are near Porter Ranch, LA, i hope for you a South American or Canadian vacation (no earthquake, fallout or other sacrifice zones).

      The devil is in the details & Yamashita is a druggie, neh?


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