Sunday, October 8, 2017


Soon agriculture, transportation, medicine, chemistry, architecture, mining, husbandry, journalism, security, journalism, surveillance, library science,law, food service, customer service, therapy, education, and almost all levels of almost all industries, including information technology and of course, robotics, will be overhauled, streamlined, optimized – downsized – by means of the nearly-indistinguishable-from-magical advances, discoveries, and inventions that will have been made, overwhelmingly quickly, in the fields of technology, robotics, miniaturization, and artificial intelligence.

And that is only as comprehensive a list as I could make with little effort.  I have no doubt there are a host of articles, presentations, books, videos.  But what I want to know is (and please correct me, Gentle Reader, if my hypothesis is, to your mind, anywhere unsound):

It appears a given that most humans will be out of a job, and ill qualified for any of the few jobs that remain. I think it is high time we started to consider the implications. While we can still do something about it. While we still know how to do something.


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