Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Aftermath Of Perfidy (Or, One May Smile) | a goodriddance by a Faust

One May Smile & Smile, 
(Or, Let This Villainous Remind)

Like to a dream half remembered, so different the context upon waking
That there is nothing common left upon which meaningful to stake
So am I tempted -- but resist -- to ascribe the past to faking
As you, my former friend could not so well such goodness fake.

Even as a smile flashed in passing is meant but only to keep the peace
So my heart in me bears nothing for my fellow man anon
& though perhaps it would repent me more were such civility to cease
Nonetheless I find myself inclined of late the more to spurn than fawn.

With perfidy such as yours, my former heart, time will its own excruciating take
Howsoe'er long it takes would feel too soon, right now, a when –
Surely you would know if I were poisoned there had to have been some mistake 
But no, with purpose I'm envenomed.  Well then –  to its work again.

A half a half a century, you've made certain, of so called best of friends
Amounts to exactly nothing, when – this – is how you force an end.

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