Sunday, August 24, 2014

JSUNPACK IS BACK: WOO-HOO! | a bit of verse in celebration

in  gratitude and celebration: 

Dedicated, of course, to those responsible for, where you may find jsunpack, as well as links to the source thereof, which this green geek must confess she had not the wit either to reanimate or to compile correctly during its long absence of her beloved generic javascript checker.

Let my long held fondness be proven, should proof entertain and delight, by its appearance in my silly little firefox searchplugin:
and the tutorial I wrote for a friend to go with it.

 As usual, the text of this poem is appended cleverly in tiny one-point-sized text below (unless of course you have overridden that preference). 

Thanks again,


A Bit Of Verse To Mark The Happy Day 

Just imagine: that yet unclicked link may be -- a disguise --

Sent securely, it's safe, surely -- certainly it seems

Uninfected by virulent malware, or suspicious prize.

Not reassuring.  Netizens wise, from such schemes,

Protect themselves and their browsing with one simple tool:

All before accounts are made empty, or inboxes full.

Credit be given where credit is due: 

Know what you click on before it knows you.

Be seeing you.

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