Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Palestinian Question | a poem by a faust (revised)

revised 8/18 -- first version here, for anyone who cares to see how my poems evolve (even though no one instance proves the rule actually) (and should one be that interested, please leave a comment, i would love to hear from you.  comments are why i blog).

The Palestinian Question
written even as Gaza is being bombed
again, like some Polish ghetto

to, when and no matter how frightening,
abandon that civilized ruth --

(useful obviously not whatsoever)
and endeavor this answer with truth;

to see in all the reporting, inventing,
slightly rephrased
the tired Question is brought;

to it we are taught responses;
by stinking trick long we've consented;
from it be assured, war will soon have new criminals wrought;

observe before you react.
sometimes you will be called
(coarse, too biased, or slight)

the truth may from actual facts -- not from talk --
-- but pay attention to
sources -- be startled squarely into the light:

the power
of a people it would repent me are mine
of Zion, a cancerous ill:

the horror
of a father's cries in Palestine
if his child
this Answer
will kill.

by a female faust

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